Giving Candle - Restore - Silver Sage Leaf

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Designed to provide warmth, style and thoughtfulness, The Giving CollectionTM includes gifts made to remind family and friends of your love and admiration, even when you can’t be there in physically with them. The Giving Candle - Restore has aromas of herbal sage, amber and citrus. It is made with a soy wax blend in a glass container. Offering a ray of light, rest and relaxation, this home décor gift brings the sweet aroma of fragrance oils to nurture dreams and comfort busy minds as you enjoy downtime in your home. The Giving Candle - Restore was made with a silver sage leaf scent to ease anxiety and restore the soul as it burns for nearly 60 hours.

  • Size: 3.5" dia. x 3"h
  • Inner Pack Size: 3.66"H x4.33"W x4.33"D
  • Master Carton Size: 5.2"H x10"W x14.6"D
  • Materials: glass, soy blend candle
  • Volume: 7 oz.
  • Seasonality: EVERYDAY
  • Sentiment: This candle can be a moment of comfort in the world... a little light in the dark... a chance to rest, relax and simply be. It's a reminder for how much you're loved, just for being you.
  • Candle Burn Time: 60 hrs.
  • Scent: silver sage leaf
  • Candle Tips: Helpful tips for the best burn experience: • Always allow your candle to burn until the wax pool melts all the way to the edge; for a larger candle, this may take several hours. Wax has "memory," so if it is extinguished with a partial pool, that will prevent a full, even pool from forming next time you light it. • You should trim your wick each time you light the candle, this removes the "bloom" from the previous burn. We recommend lighting a wick that is 1/4" tall. • Do not allow wick trimmings or other materials to accumulate in the wax pool. • Ensure that your candle is placed on a heat-safe surface. • To ensure safety, be sure to check the bottom of your candle for instructions and additional details. • Our containers are designed for reuse, once your candle has been used, repurpose your beautiful vessel.